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Power steering pulling left


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1995 Mach CL 713 straight truck with an end dump has had a tendency to steer slightly to the left. Nothing alarming, just annoying.  Steering and chassis was inspected and aligned and made no change. Recently I discovered a new symptom when hauling to a dump site that was mostly smooth ice on a wet day. While stationary and  raising the dump, I took my hands off the wheel for a few seconds. The steering wheel started rotating slowly to the left. When I touched the wheel it stopped seemingly with no resistance, but when I released the wheel it started turning left again. Having discovered this, I tried it several more times with the same result. With virtually no friction between the tires and surface due to the wet ice, it was probably easier for the steering to turn.

it never occurred to me before  that the powder steering would motor to one side. I have seen this symptom in old front end loaders with power steering controlled by a spool valve in the drag link, but not in a power steering box. Is it possible that this is causing my left tendency? Is there any way to remedy this through adjustment or is a new box required?



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