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2010 CXU613 Co-pilot screen not working

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Here is the issue that I’m having with my 2010 CXU613 Vin: 012125

When I start my truck the Co-Pilot screen will show the Mack logo and the GuardDod Status logo ..as it should do. The problem is that after will only show the time, miles and outside temperature at the top of the screen and nothing else below ( blanc screen). When I press Enter it will show the main menu and the other categories (Fuel Economy, Trip Info, Gauges...etc) but it will only let me chose Fuel Economy, if I try any of the other categories the screen will go blank (like the photo attached).

  My mechanic ran a test and these are the codes that came back: MID128 SID27 FMI 7… Nothing related to the Co-Pilot display. (see pic#2) 

He is not a certified tech he just got the software and with his limited knowledge he is learning as he goes!


This is what we have done to try to fix the issue:

I happen to know someone that owns a 2009 chu613 so this is what we did;

1 The Co-Pilot screen of the 2010 worked perfect on the 2009 but the 2009 Co-Pilot screen does the same thing on my 2010… so Co-Pilot screen I think is not the issue

2. The same was done with the trucks computer and the results were the same


Any suggestion as what could be the issue here?.. Thanks!!




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I would take it to Mack and have all softwares updated.  Maybe a communication problem between ECUs.  Maybe mid 140 (dash cluster) isn’t getting needed info from other ECUs.  

That would explain why you have the same problem with another cluster,  possible comm problem would still be there. 


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