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Oil Temp and Bullgear Failure


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Hey all,

So I have heard many times that the reason for the known bullgear failure (retaining nut backing off) was due to Mack raising the oil operating temp to 230 degrees. I do not see any evidence that my truck has had the Pinning Technique done, but I`m also not 100% sure. Mack tells me there are no outstanding recalls for my truck.

I am having no issues with my truck whatsoever, this is more out of curiosity.

My truck, a 2011 MP8 , cruises at 210-214 degrees oil temp  and Im curious as to why?
Shouldn't this year engine`s oil be running at or near 230 degrees? And thereby have been affected by the bullgear nut backing off.? Why does my oil stay so cool if they raised the temp to 230? 

My motor currently has 600K on the clock. (on its 3rd set of cups/injectors lol)

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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