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Mack lossing power

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My Mack cxu613 losses power here and there. I keep changing fuel filters but issue keeps coming back. I'll be pulling a hill and it losses power n  crawls up the hill in 3rd gear. Sometimes after the hill I'll loss the throttle and then coast to a stop n the truck shuts down.  It'll fire right back up but with the same power issue. 

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Do you know what your exhaust temp is when this happens? Boost? Have you altered the exhaust in any way? 

I've experienced more or less what you describe due to a clogged exhaust. Created so much Back pressure that eventually the stainless flex turbo pipe expanded itself to about 4 times its size. 

I had no throttle, no power, zero boost. Truck would die, basically smother itself. Would start back up, and repeat. 

Check for boost leaks, but also check the exhaust side. Plugged DOC, DPF, or SCR media will create what you describe. Although it should be throwing codes and calling for a regen. But I don't know year of your truck. 

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