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2011 GU813 MP Fuel Problem


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Has anybody experienced a similar problem and what were your findings? I have a 2011 GU813 with an MP8 and I am getting an intermittent low fuel pressure fault causing a driveability issue. I had a fuel problem with this truck several years ago where i replaced the lift pump, overflow and aeration valve. At that time cant I recall if the problem was intermittent or constant but anyhow the issue was solved with replaced parts. I followed some posts on here where it was recommended to look for dirt by the ECM cooling plate banjo bolt. I did this and found no evidence of any dirt or debris. I opened up several other fittings to check for debris and found nothing. I looked in the fuel tanks and I do not see anything inappreciable. I removed the aeration valve and all appears to be ok, i will remove the overflow valve and check that tomorrow. Can anybody throw some more ideas at me or tell me if they had a similar experience. When I hook up my laptop everything is ok because the fault is inactive. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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