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45U in perris California


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In August 2015 someone posted two Mack trucks, a 45U and an EEU to ebay.

Here is a link to the ad posted on another site:


Does anyone know if they were sold? If the original owner still has them I'd like to contact them and see if we can come to an agreement. If it was sold, then I'd like to contact the new owner and find out their disposition.

If anyone has any info please let me know. I am going to start looking through the streets of Perris on Google Street View to see if I can find it 😉

Just kidding. I'm going to use satellite view.

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This is the text of the original ad:


Here is a very unique and rare truck. It is a 1940 Mack model 45U, hich looks like the familiar model EEU, ut with a solid steel framed cab. The 45U was built as a fire squad truck and Mack only built 17 of them. This one is serial number one! I have all documentation from the Mack archives to support. All 17 were supposed to be built with Continental 330 engines. However, hen I began to restore this one, found that it had a large Mack engine and the number was stamped onto the frame. Further investigation by Mack revealed that indeed, erial number one was shipped to LA Mack as a rolling unit, o be fitted with a higher HP engine, s requested by the buyer, ontecito Fire Department. This truck is complete and needs to be in the hands of a Mack or Fire Truck collector. I have lost interest. The engine ran great and did not smoke. It only showed 49K miles on the odometer when I purchased it. I have rebuilt the brake system with all new wheel cylinders and installed a modern vacuum booster. I have invested over $3k in new tires, hrome, nd gauge restoration. I sand blasted, rimed, nd painted the frame, ad the brake drums and wheels powder coated, nd the rims chromed. I also purchased a squad truck bed from a 1939 Mack that goes with the truck. The blue flatbed in the picture is not available.There is also another Mack, 1940 Model EEU that is too rough to restore but is complete and the engine is not stuck. I purchased it for small parts, nd it still has 4 hubcaps, ood badges, nd gauges. It is a wood frame cab and the wood is shot. It is included in this auction.

In the pictures, he blue flatbed is the model 45U as I purchased it. It is now apart, n the process of restoration. The yellow rolling chassis that you see in the pictures is its current condition. The large Mack engine has 12 sparkplugs, ith 6 being fired by magneto and 6 by distributor. This truck just needs the cab and bed to be painted and then put back together. It will need new glass and wiring. Nothing has been lost and the parts truck is still together, inus the rough wood bed in the pictures. It is now just a cab and chassis. I have invested over $10K to date and offer this truck without reserve. I have set the opening bid at $5K and it will sell if I receive a bid. Don't miss this chance to own one of just 17 small Macks made in this model and this is the first one made! This truck is smaller than a dually pickup, ith a wheelbase of just 125".

I have been asked if I could bolt the cab and bed onto the frame for shipping and I agreed to do that. Also, f you do not want the entire parts truck, will remove the wanted parts and the truck can stay behind. The truck (s) could be stored here for 90 days, nce paid in full.


Condition: Used
Make: Other Makes
Model: 1940 Mack
Type: COE
Year: 1940
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drive type: Mechanical 2 speed rearend
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Perris, California, United States
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