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Speedo drive and oil spec


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What drives my speedo and where do I find it??  For the last year my speedo has been working when it wants too.  Sometimes reading properly and sometimes showing 15mph when I'm at highway speeds.  This also goofs with my odometer as I have only gone 550 miles in the last 9 months.  I looked on the trans and found no cable driven port.  Is it air?? Electric??  Does the cable come off of the top??

1991 RD 690

TRTXL1070B - 12 spd w/.78 OD

CRDPC92 & CRD93 diffs with SS440C axles


It is due for a triple box oil change.  I am going to run Amsoil in the trans and diffs. What weight do I need in each??  What is the capacity of each?  It looks like the trans has 2 drain plugs - is that correct?

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