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2003 ami 300 running rough on cylinder 4


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valve ajustment complet, electronic fuel module has been changed, injector and crayon assembly changed, pressurized cylinder, dropped the pan, verified the lobes, push rodds ok, verified the circuits from fuel module to ecm with load test, wiggle test, all ok, the motor came in with 8 counts of injector 4 pulse width code, motor running rough, we are at the point where we think it may be the ecm not sending the proper signal at the demanded time. any proper tests to verify and confirm if ecm is not sending signal to module to shoot fuel at proper time that would cause a cylinder 4 power loss. When we unbolt the fuel line from other cylinders there is a loss of force, number 4 there is no difference.. this is an ami 300, if we do a complete system swap, as these must fire in pairs, what other cylinder could we compare with. to switch with its brother in the firing order to compare if its mechanical or electrical? respond and  text me at 14185870864 if you think you can help

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