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New 64t pinnacle LED headlight upgrade for older CH’s

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Hey guys! I recently acquired a new-to-me truck to add to our growing fleet.   The truck is a 2008 mack CHU.. truck is great and everything but as with all CH’s, the headlights really suck.   We have 4 CH models in our small fleet among other model trucks.   We’ve tried everything from 100watt bulbs to HID and LED ballast bulbs   Nothing will make the halogen housings produce great light on these trucks even after replacing housings with new ones.  

Ive seen the new 2018-19 pinnacle set-forward-axle trucks that are coming from the factory with LED heads and turn signals, the shape and relative design is nearly the same as all the older trucks but with the added benefit of great visibility and lighting performance. 

So i got to thinking, what would the cost of purchasing these headlight and turn signals cost from Mack? I can re-use my factory bezels, and if there are mounting differences, they would be simple to remedy.  Any input is appreciated! 

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On 10/30/2020 at 10:54 PM, Javmqz said:

I had a quote done at Bruckners in Hobbs NM and the pair ran for 1500-1600. That includes the wiring harness needed. And according to them everything else should be exact fit. 

You wouldn't happen to have the part number for them would you?

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