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Hi new tech in KS


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Hello all,

         I am a well trained hobby/race "car" mechanic/enthusiast.  I am working as a service tech for a distribution company while doing some college.  I do anything from basic service, to full on diagnosis and part replacement.  Currently custom building wiring/repairing burned up harnesses in a 2012 Mack Pinnacle.  I am the sole tech for 25 tractors and 60+ trailers I may or may not ever see again.  Currently our direct customer is creating new routes each week and we do not have the tractors to keep up with the runs!  Our company has sent us a couple trucks to attempt to at least give us a spare, but that has not worked out so well.  One was wrecked mid trip to us by a speed racer zipping through traffic and clipping the car in front of the truck causing the driver to knife the truck (winter, icy) destroying the drivers side of the cab(totaled the truck "800k+ miles") another was again an 800k+ mile truck which I am currently attempting to resurrect from an electrical short fire and lastly is another decrepit 900k+ mile SA that is just raggedy.  Terminal MGR red tagged it as it is just too dilapidated to use.  Welcome to my World!  The rest of my fleet are in great condition nearly all being 2015 Macks, with 2 Freightliners with dedicated routes and professional drivers who actually report issues with their trucks and do not attempt to destroy them daily!  Blessing!  


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