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No power when I turn key

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I had to replace my starter on my 1987 Mack superliner. Unfortunately I had my head up my rear end and didn't take a picture before I took everything apart. I'm pretty sure I got everything hooked up right. Problem is when I went to hook up the positive terminal back on the battery it sparked a little like every battery I've ever changed when it loads up. Problem is when I got in the cab to test it, the key was in the ON position and now when I turn the key I get no power. No power to gauges or anything. Sounded like a blown fuse but I have no clue, needed some help to figure out where to start.

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You need a DVOM  to trace the circuits. You should have at least one ground wire from the starter negative post to the frame and or block. The cab ground is usually located on the left frame rail near the starter location. There should be 2 wires from the starter positive stud, one to the alternator and the other to the starter relay located on the firewall. From the starter relay (on firewall) it goes into the cab to the power relay.

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