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Blink Code 49


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I have a 07 chn-613 with an AC-460.  It has 670,000 miles on it.  Blink code 49 comes on when I'm just cruising along and goes away if you mash the gas or let it just coast.  In December, I took it to dealer and they said EGR cooler was clogged.  Long story short cooler was only two years old and now the blink code comes on more often now after being replaced.  The truck doesn't run any differently and fuel mileage hasn't changed.  I'm looking for suggestions of what it is.  They said the reason for the code was because the mass flow tube reads egr temps and if there is a big discrepancy in temps it sends the code.  Apparently acceleration and deceleration causes the temps to get closer to specs.  Is this a really big deal?

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