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B61 Engine Swap

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Hey guys, need some input (help) here on an important issue. I have my old 711 engine out of my '64 B model. I am installing a little newer 673, but using my original quad box transmission. The 673 engine was coupled up to a newer 10 speed and the trans bell housing was deeper using a longer input shaft. my old quad box has a little shorter input shaft with a shallower bell housing. (The bell housings on both engines are the same and will work with no problem) What my question is, do I have to use my older style clutch from the 711/quad combo, and if I do, are there new clutch discs available so I can replace mine, or can I use the newer style clutch????? I have taken measurements but I seem to be coming up about an inch short on depth......if someone has done this let me know, or give me your phone ### and I will call and talk would be easier...thanks guys, if I can figure out how to post pictures I will....

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