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1980 R Model Leak from behind injector pump

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Hey new to this forum.. ive got a 1980 r model with a 237.. I have a leak from behind the injector pump.. hard to say if its fuel or oil? after truck sits over night, it takes some cranking to get it going the next Moring.  once its running it runs mint all day.. obviously losing prime...   just looking for some help.  also is this a 2 or 4 valve truck?

Truck uses 1 gallon of oil a week.

Also getting oil in air tank..

any help would be greatly appreciated

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If losing prime check the transfer pump

there is an inspection plate behind the pump check the tightness of the cover bolts you may not be able to get on them just have to see

oil in tanks is a worn air compressor as long as you build air like you are supposed to keep the tanks drained  and save up for the compressor

Probably a two valve the valve covers are rounded dome shape if they are flat then 4 valve


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