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I have a set of books called "The Trucking Pioneers", sort of a history of early trucking companies. Some are still around today and some are not, for various reasons. I've been meaning to go through all 8 volumes and find the companies that were put out of business -directly or indirectly-because of unions, because I noticed there were a lot. I finally got started today because I had nothing else to do, I was by myself and it's pouring rain. I've found an even dozen so far, Hennis, Mason-Dixon, Pilot, Ringsby, Spector, Cooper-Jarrett, Eazor, Hemingway, Garford Trucking corp,Interstate Motor Lines, Michigan Express, and TIME-DC. ...and I only went through the first two volumes- got six more to go.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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