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MP8-455 engine feedback


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Have had really bad luck with International engines (2004 & 2007) and looking at buying a couple of used Mack dump trucks, 2006-2016.  Are these MP8-455 good solid engines?  We've had some older Mack trucks with Mack engines in the past, and we had good luck with them.  They weren't new, by any means, when we got them.  Those were 1979 (300 plus) & 1984 (350).  

Are the newer Mack emissions dependable or are they having trouble with them?  

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We have 3 2007 Granites with MP7 405's in them. 2 tractors had around 120,000 miles and the 1 dump had 27,000 on it. Shortly after getting the dump, had to do synchros in the trans. Camshaft in both tractors, one injector harness got oil up in it causing a misfire. Replaced 1 egr cooler box, 3 turbo actuators, and we're constantly fighting electronic sensor issues with oil pressure and exhaust temperature. Just discovered another leaking oil cooler box and a major leak in a power steering box. Volvo has taken Mack's quality downhill. Our R models and CHs were money making trucks.

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