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Dynatard trying to get it to work


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When I bought the 85 RW I found that it had the engine brake, the previous owner didn't know so I figure it has not worked for awhile.  I replaced the brass connectors that go into the block and pump.  Today a guy canceled so I decided to see if I could figure out what is going on with it.  I have power to the governor and I also have power to the switch that is mounted on the shifter.  When I rev up the engine and let off and turn the switch on I hear the relay in the glove box chatter/vibrate but nothing else happens.  I can't tell if I have power yet to the wire on heads. But if I rev up the engine and let off and apply power to heads with a hot jumper wire nothing happens, so I guess I need to replace the solenoids on the heads?  

Nothing in the service manuals but the wire schematic.  I have searched on here but no luck.

Somebody have the Dynatard manual?  



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