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GPS tracking for trucks

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Hi friends! I want to know if there is any major difference between normal Car GPS systems and those GPS fleet tracking systems used in a truck? Can we use the former instead of the latter? What sort of issues  can happen if we use a car GPS? If car GPS systems shouldn't be used, then can someone suggest some companies that provided fleet tracking systems that aren't way too expensive? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks!

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any current gps tracking system will work.the major rule is that the antenna for the box or gps antenna, if external or box( if it has an internal antenna) cannot be underneath metal. plastic yes, fiberglass yes metal no. onstar, fleetmatics, verizon, network fleet etc all use almost the same setup; a box w or without external antenna that contains a gps receiver and data transmitter that works off of cell towers. HTH

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Hi Steph. Last thing that you want to do is use a car GPS system. Remember you're not operating a car you're driving a commercial vehicle and likewise should use commercial products in order to effectively manage your route and business and what not. That's like using a mini golf club on 18 holes, it's just unprofessional even if you can make it work. I would recommend checking out a Track Your Truck. The comment above makes a good point also. The industry standard equipment follows a different set of guidelines than what you can find in Walmart.  

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