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B-61t 1961 intregral sleeper tractor finds new home


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Home made truck is the original rat rod built in 2003, the S.A.R. brand (Some Assembly Required) started with a 1948 KB 5 International chassis tht was saved from the crusher as the owner only wanted the body. The C cab was built from reject sheet metal from the South Charleston West Virginia stamping plant, oil field pipe, dog kennel tubing, bed frame steel angle iron, garage door track, unknown front fenders and a Hercules Diesel radiator. We finished construction at 3:00am the morning of the local Black Walnut parade. We made it through the parade and the trip home home in the dark October cold night. The SAR has been misidentified by so called experts as all kinds of truck brands even though the IHC three diamond hub caps were there.New owner Travis Cadle is going to polish her build and make her a real parade queen.

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