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oil cooler diagram please


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If u need any more info from me let me know I kept getting oil in my water and oil stopping up my radiator googled it after reading some results on google figured it might be my oil cooler the o rings on it were bad and gasket I replaced couple oil rings and one gasket on oil cooler put it back together and think I put the honeycomb looking thing in backwards don't have book or diagram started truck it started spewing water no oil pressure so I took oil cooler back off turned honeycomb thing other way around put 2gaskets on this time and o rings someone told me it took 2gaskets they mite be wrong put truck back together no oil pressure and still spewing water n oil out radiator took apart again waiting too see if someone on here can find me diagram I can not find one online please can someone help me find diagram this truck is my only income I have I haul dirt gravel sand bulldozer and trackhoe for living and I have not been able to work for over a week can't afford to take to a shop do not know anyone that knows anything about mack trucks 

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If you look at the housing one end has a machined ledge with a groove inside the bore. This end of the housing goes to the front. You should see the Mack logo when it's assembled on the truck. When assembling the cooler it takes 3 flange gaskets(2 thin paper gaskets, 1 heavy paper gasket and 1 "O" ring) I think you used to be able to buy this as a kit. When assembling the bundle into the housing make sure everything is clean take special care to make sure the "O" ring groove is clean!

The oil fitting locations on the housing(going to and from filter housing) denote the top of the oil cooler housing. Install the "O " ring in the housing making it's not rolled. Install the heavy flange gasket over the bundle and up against the flange of the bundle.

Look at the flange of the bundle, you'll notice a notch cut in one of the six sides of the flange. The bundle has to be put in the housing with the notched side pointing to the top(towards the oil fitting locations). This ensures the oil will flow completely through the cooler. Lubricate the "O" ring and round end of bundle (I used to use GoJo hand cleaner, stuff without the grit). Assemble bundle into housing, push it in as far as you can, might have to finish by tapping in the rest of the way with a block of wood. Assemble the ends in the same position they were when you disassembled it with the two thinner gaskets.

If you have any way to pressure test it I would certainly do that.

It would be best to test the bundle by itself before you even tried putting it back together.


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