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Trouble With Finding R,dm, Rd Etc...model Parts

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this is getting sad :o . Im posting tonight about problems getting parts for "newer "R,U DM etc.... I was at mack tonight looking for the black panels for the dash and had no luck as the parts guy tells me they are all obsolete parts besides the largest center panel. the black/charcoal interiors are also no longer made, I dont know whats going on with mack but it seams that after volvos take over, They are not intrested in keeping older truck parts in stock. I under stand that older trucks will have updated parts and my VIN number will show parts no longer made for a 78 RS mack. but why is it that I can go to my Mack dealers lot and take a vin number off a new RB and find that many parts are hard to locate or no loger made??? I just read fullfuels post and he is haveing simmilar problems with running gear. I hope that the aftermarket companys pick up if volvo does not want the market for "Newer" trucks :(


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