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Etech out... Mechanical in... I hope


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Having some trouble with my 99 etech. I am getting some pretty good blow by and its leaving a spot of oil on my shop floor at night under the breather tube. I am not sure what's up with it yet. I am not sure I am going to get that involved in finding out. I have been into this motor so many times I could lay out all the correct size sockets I need before I start. This is not my favorite motor. The only thing I used to look under the hood on my old 86 with the e-6 285 was to check the oil and service her. Wish I never sold that old girl

That being said, I have just purchased a running 1994 em7-300 in a dm690s. Its a fully mechanical motor. I am looking to you guys here for a few questions. My quick measurements show it to be the same size block, I don't even think I will have to switch motor mounts around. Am I right? I will have the donor truck here so I am thinking that most of the throttle linkage and pedal and other odds and ends such as shut off cable and mechanical tach can be used. I am thinking that I will have to do some new wiring to the jake switch and such to get that operating. Is there anything major that will keep this idea from working? I am thinking most of my gauges are just a simple mechanical gauge, or do they run through the computer?

I am ready to be done with this etech, I love the chassis and dump setup I have and just want that mechanical running under the hood. Is the e7 reliable motor? I would be going from a motor with 18000 hours to one with 20000. My dad has had the donor truck a couple years and used it in the winter with a van box on the back making deliveries of his potato crop. I have driven the truck a few times since he has had it and it seems to run out good. it starts no problem when it is downright cold outside and seems to run smooth out on the road.

I am looking for some input on the similarities and differences of these motors and want to know if the big mack forum says I am crazy or go for it. Thanks Guys!

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no expert here, but that's high engine hours on the one you wanna put in... But I can see your logic so your not crazy.

Will you be doing the engine swap yourself?

I haven't helped much sorry mate, but I'll keep following this thread and see how you go.

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Thanks. Yes I will be doing the work myself. I am hoping the etech lasts through my busy time for the dump truck now. Then I will have more time when snow is flying. I am in research stage right now. Just trying to make sure I am not missing some major detail.

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ya probably wanna check if it's legal to put an older engine in first. In some places it might not pass emissions.

If that checks out, then you would wanna think about resale.

And the only other thing I could think of is throttle, etech probably had an electronic pedal, so you may need to source a throttle linkage setup.

Just a few ideas to mull over in your head.

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