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v-mack 1 econovance removal


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how's it goin' guys? I have a quick question about the removal of my v-mack one pump and econovance setup. I'm converting this to a mech. pump. I have the pump off, the spacer thing and coupler gear. cant get the rest off yet, and dont feel like wrecking anything. I have no book on this yet, thought-how hard can this be to take apart. what has to come off from behind the 5 bolt round cover up front? AND what should i do timing wise? I have it on t.d.c #1 now. I found what I think is a mark on a tooth on the gear bolted to econo unit. should this meet up with some marks on the other gear that drives it? I've stopped doing anything anymore tonite until I learn something here or find out more tomorrow from dealer. prob. real easy but I DONT know, so I want to know BEFORE I do something more stupid than tear down without some ref. book or such. thanks for anything ya' got for me.

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