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Learned a trick on the oil clarifier filter!

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My oil clarifier has always behaved well. Held oil well. Oil pressure builds quickly. No issues.

After it sat for a couple of weeks, I experienced something odd. The oil drained out of it, raising the oil level in the pan, & taking a few extra seconds to build pressure. Went on like this for a couple of days.

Then it dawned on me...if the filter drained, the canister would be full of air. And, with all the fittings on the bottom, there would be no way for the air to get out. And, when oil pressure built up, the air trapped in the top of the canister would become pressurized.

When you shut it down, this pressurized air would push the oil out through the outfeed hose until the pressure dropped.

So, I started it up, & bled the vent plug, like you do after an oil change. Problem solved. Filter now holds oil, oil level in pan is good, & the pressure builds quicker again. Been watching it for a few days now, & it's holding fine.

So, if it ever drains down again, I know how to get it back to normal.

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