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09 Granite Radio

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A few of the trucks in our fleet are setup to turn the radio off when in reverse, which is fine, but not all of them turn back on automatically when put back into drive. Is there a way to change this setting so that all of them come back on when put back in drive or is that a dealer programing thing?

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Try disconnecting the J1939 and 1587 data link connector from the radio. Im pretty sure this will work. The ONLY negative side effect you will have from disconnecting this connector is, your blue tooth will not work. Most trucks dont have blue tooth anyways.

Remove radio from dash. At the back of the radio you will see a connector with a green and yellow wire ( and other wires). This connector has the J1939 and 1587 (green and yellow wires are your J1939). Simply unplug this connector. Reinstall radio, make sure your antenna wire stays in the radio.

Like I said, Im pretty sure this will work. Try it, see what happens. Leaving this connector disconnected will only effect the blue tooth function. THIS WILL NOT EFFECT THE TRUCK OPERATION!!!!!

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