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Been a while. But, I was looking through my old content, and re-read all the information everybody had contributed regarding "old" and "new" R-model doors on an earlier post of mine.

I believe the info everybody submitted was right on, regarding the function of old parts in newer doors. Everything looks like it will interchange fine...except for the outside lock.

To someone's point about why the inside lock will not function without the correct outside lock, I BELIEVE the actuating lever from the door handle acts on the outside lock to actuate the actual locking sequence. So, if the lock is missing, or will not function, I don't think the inside locking system will function either. I should know this, since I had mine apart a while back, and understood it perfectly at that time! But, I have slept since then, and now I can't remember exactly what I saw! I seem to remember, though, that I saw why my inside lock could not work without the outside lock...which was missing.

Also, Mack lists the "new" door as going into service in "approximately October of 1979". I would assume that this is when the latch system changed, and the lock location changed with it.

I am currently on the trail of a possible good, used RH door shell for my truck. Hope it will pan out.

Of course, If I get that door, it just makes the rest of it look rattier!

To start another discussion, let's talk about the window mechanisms. Like the latch mechanisms, it LOOKS like the entire door panel/window assembly is also interchangeable between the "old" and "new" door shells, as long as you use the whole assembly. Anybody got any direct, first-hand experience with that piece of it?

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