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Mack 03 Quantum Workshop Manual

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Thanks Jamkar I haven't had any luck getting a workshop manual, I've been having trouble with batteries going flat, but I think I've got the problem solved. It's to do with 24 volt to 12 volt conversion. Would make problem solving easier if I have manual. It's all good, Thanks for your help.

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Mine's an 03 also. You can solve/deal with the problem by (every now & then) swapping 1 of the left side batteries with 1 of the right side batteries (not both), or using a shop charger to bring R/H/S batts back up to spec. I've fitted a Redarc voltage equalizer to mine, no more flat batts. If ya don't keep R/H side in good nick the L/S cop an overcharge. The std Delco alternator doesn't charge at idle, Leece Neville have 1 that does, Mack had a service bulleton on it. Let me know if ya want part number.

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