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89 Mack R690 powerdiver removal

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I have a 89 R690ST and the powerdivider is out on it, my question is what size socket does it take to remove the peanuts and the socket that they ride in? Have not taken apart yet as I know I need a large socket to remove and want to purchase one before I start, This is for the nut inside after you get the yoke and front cover off.This one is also a auto locking and not air locking if it makes any difference. Thanks for any advise, Terry

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Got the power divider all apart and ordered the parts today, just shy of $1400 to fix up again, needed new peanuts, cage,inner and outer cams, and couple seals, gonna pick up parts tomorrow and put back together. The size of the socket to remove the outer cam is a 3" got a 3 1/8' and was to big so I made one out a out of some 3/16 flat and bent like a socket and it worked just like a $50 boughten one. I had it apart in a little over a hour.

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