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Fuel Injectors on ASET


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Hi fellas!

I have a 2004 Vision with the 427 and 570,000 miles. The engine has developed a lope/miss. It seems to do it throughout the rpm range, but is most noticeable around 800-1200 rpms.

I suspect a bad injector. There are currently no blink codes. My low tech analysis of feeling the injector lines for a "heartbeat" suggests that injector #3 is misbehaving. I am going to put a infrared heat gun on the exhaust manifolds when I start it this morning to see if that shows me anything. The truck doesn't seem down on power. I haven't owned this truck very long and I have no history on it. Mack shop wasn't real helpful in that regard. So, I have no idea what kind of miles are on the current injectors.

I have searched the forums and it seems a lot of the posts pertaining to injectors are for older trucks. Wasn't sure how relevant those posts would be to my situation.

With that in mind...

A few questions:

1) is there anything else that could be causing the engine to lope/miss?

2) If I have to go in to change an injector should I just do them all while I'm there?

3) would this be the time to put in larger injectors? Can this be done without doing the turbo and an ECM upgrade?

4) does changing the injectors require any special tools? Any tips or tricks that I should know about?

Also, I'm in the St. Louis/metro east IL area. Does anybody know if there are any independent shops that work on Macks and do it well?

I know that is a lot of questions. So, thanks in advance for any help!

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