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Parts For Mack Power Unit


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I am looking to take a single axle tractor and make it a power unit. I need it to drive down the road at full speed(baiscally normal operation) pulling a tounge hitch piece of equipment. Then back this piece of equipent into a pit, hook the pto up(running at 1000 rpm using 300hp ) and use the engine as a drive unit. The problems are:

1) I need a transmission that will reverse the rotation of the drive shaft to 1.5 to 1. I know the twin stick mack trans will do that but it has a 4.27 to 1 ratio in reverse-high gear and cant spin the motor at 4270 rpm. I have a way to send power through an axle and disconnect power going to the wheels via the power divider. Is there a trans with that high of a reverese?


2) Does anyone know of a cheap transfer case that will reverse direction on one output for the pto and maintain the same rotation for the axle driving down the road?

Thanks for all the help. Keep in mind that i require 300hp to do this and need stout parts...


There Is No Replacement, For Displacement!!!!!

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