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Which treadle assembly?

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My treadle pivot pin has frozen to the aluminum frame, and is pivoting on the pedal. Works fine, but can't take it apart to get to the last nut holding the treadle valve onto it.

When I replace the valve, I plan to just replace the pedal assembly, too. Sort of get it all while I'm in there. You know?

I have looked a a gozillion pedals, but am not 100% sure what the original pedal angle is on the R600. The pedal I can get most easily here is the Haldex-Midland. Their SN-4017A is a 45° pedal. The old Bendix catalogs list a whole slew of pedal angles...up to 56° or so. I can only estimatecthe angle of the old pedal, as the floor is no longer flat & the pedal bumper is well worn.

Even the pedal shown at Watts R-model store LOOKS like the H-M aluminum one.

Anybody here actually gone through this already? What pedal assembly did you use?

I like the look of the old perforated steel pedal, but don't know if I can find one.

Any shared experiences and advice would be appreciated.

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