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Possibly from Penna...

Terry T

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Hey all, This is obviously not truck related but a very dear friend of mine, Becky is looking for her birth-mother as she was adopted shortly after birth. She is actually the person who took the pic of my tat that I use as my avatar just a couple days after I got it. I am posting this here because her adoptive parents believe that her mother may have been from Penna. She believes that her mothers last name may have been Stutsman (unsure of correct spelling). This is the message that she posted on Facebook along with her picture:

"To all my FB friends and everyone who may share this post for me. I would first like to say thanks for the share because the more we share the more chances I may have of finding my birth Mother. I also want to add that I have been contemplating finding my Mother for about 10 years now. I am torn with the fact that back when this happened she was sent away by her family to an unwed mothers school so that there would be no shame in her family. I surely don’t want to disrupt her life now if she in fact never told her family now about me. I of course would love to see her just to see where I came from but I in no way want to hurt her or her current family. I would like her to know that I was adopted and raised by a wonderful, loving family who taught me family values, morals, honesty, to have a great work ethic and to stand up for what you believe in. They have also never kept from me that I was adopted and they are behind me 100% in looking for my birth Mother. I also want her to know that I do not hold anything against her because she really had no choice. If you think you may know my mother or have any information please email me at helpbeckyfindmom@gmail.com . Thank you and God Bless!!!"

If those of you who live in Penna could also help share this it would mean the world to me. Becky & I have had each others back through our divorces as well as other problem times & good times as well. I attached her pic with the info that she does have as well as a pic of her and I on one of her visits back to Ft Wayne as she now lives in the Tampa, FL area.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give to Becky.



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