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How To Adj Air Ride Cab Suspension Height ?

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My R686ST has an air ride cab that would rise up after you built up air by about 1/2 in. Didn't look like enough. It had a newly installed valve so ? I made a new/longer (1/2") linkage rod that seemed to work perfect, I had the bottom of the cab level (and it would rise up about 1.5"). However, when the air leaked out, the 90 deg linkage now rotated into the cab shock, putting a dent in the outter shield, DOOOUBT !.

Does anyone have the proper instruction procedure for adjusting this ?

Does the plastic arm come off and respline ?

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i adjust them the same way you do.

Sounds like the valve is bad,bag is bad or a leaky air line. That valve should hold air when parked. only time it should louse air is when the cab moves and alows it to dump. Could you relocate the valve to a place that does not interfear?


Yes, I am messing around with it and should be able to do it with not too much problem. I just didn't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak and was wondering if there was an easy way that I overlooked.

You are right about the air leak, it is from a bag, the budjet comes into play and the leak is very minor (1/2 hour before leaks down)


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