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Coolant Pressure / AC 380-410 Engine


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Hello Guy's :SMOKIE-RT:

Reference: 2004 CXN-613 / AC 380-410 Series Engine / Coolant Pressure Issue

This engine had a original Coolant Leak at the Thermostat Housing connection to the engine.

Once the thermostats was replaced, is seemed fine @ idle, but after a run on the Highway

it pushed the bigger upper radiator hose forward off the thermostat housing neck and a leak developed.

Thinking that the Hose clamp was not tight enough, reset hose on thermostat housing,

re-tightened all hose connections and had the driver take it out again on a run.

This time it blew out the Y-Hose @ the EGR Cooler, after about 13 hours of running,

reinspected the Top hose, it also slid forward on the neck from it's original position

but did not come off or leak this time.

After reading some other posts here on this site, i'm leaning toward a cracked EGR Cooler

building up pressure in the system.

Looking for some additional feedback and diagnostic tips to help solve this issue

Thanks in Advance for your Help


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