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where to start? scan for codes

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so recently i just started working for a company whose mechanic let everything pretty much just run its course with hardly any maintenance.

we have a 2002 mack freedom mv222, vin: VG6AF02A32B250151

last week when i went to drive this truck, it has a terrible time trying to idle, hesitates when you try to accelerate, barely reaches 55mph, shut off at stop lights, etc... it had a few lights flashing up on the dashboard, i saw, vecu, a picture of a wrench, see dealer, alternator. i also noticed that it has original fuel filters.

so my question is how to i go about scanning for codes, this is my first time working on a mack. is there just an obd port, or do i just turn the truck on and everything should flash up? thanks!

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Its hard to find anyone with real experience on Freedoms. We have one guy who has some experience with the electronics and he calls the 1 guy at Mack who can help. Its funny you mentioned the fuel filters not being changed because I have seen that before. Its difficult getting parts and help with those. Good Luck.

Talk the company into buying Hino's.

Ditch the Freedom.

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