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Vintage Trailers?

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Hi everybody. I'm a newbie, having just bought (but not yet got my hands on) a 1961 B-61 tractor. I found this forum and it seems pretty active.

I'm thinking I'd like to find a vintage trailer (preferably a flatbed or lowboy) to match to the tractor. I don't see very many around anywhere and it seems like they almost don't exist. Is there an active trade in old trailers? Any restored ones, etc?

Thanks for any info.

Glenn Reid

Woodside, CA


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:WELCOME: to BMT Glenn that is a sweet looking B Model tractor . :thumb: is this the one was on Ebay if so i had my eye on it watchin it

As for a vintage trailer i myself am looking for a single axle lowboyboy trailer for "olddog" like we had when i was growing up & "olddog" was under a Phelan 20 ton lowboy trailer ;)



You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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I've found that it pays to look in the weeds and behind the newer stuff in equipment yards, and in farm fields and behind people's barns.

With the price of scrap steel as high as it is, some of these old trailers are not coming to a good end.

Both of you are in good parts of the country for old trailers - not too many rust problems.

It just takes some patience and nosing around.

And I agree - Glenn, that is really nice looking B-61. Welcome aboard.

Paul Van Scott

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