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E9 Questions


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The boss has just bought a 1983 Superliner for a yard truck. I havnt been able to get any serial numbers off it yet.

It does have a the E9 engine and a 12 speed .

I have a couple of questions after the first test drive.

The tacho doesnt work. I noticed the tacho drive coming from the front of the engine but didnt have time to investigate much. Is there something that fails with these

that can be fixed or is it just a case of buy new parts?

The jakes are very intermittant. There is only a on/off switch on the dash, I couldnt see any stage switches but I dont know if they have then or not.

When the jakes do come on sometimes they come on very well sounds and feels like all cylinders are working, other times it just coughs and splutters like maybe it is only working on a couple of cylinders. Are jakes supposed to be just all on or all off? How do you adjust the if they just need to be adjusted?

This is the first time I have been around and driven a superliner after admiring then from a distance and wishing that I could have one. I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was driving it. Now for the hard work of giving it some TLC and getting it back to its former glory.

Thanks in advance for you help


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Wel congrats on the E9 truck, you get it right youll never want to drive anything else (especially with a 12spd backing it up). The tach drive cable ends are an issue I have replaced them on both my E9 trucks, the tach drive output adapter(that 90 degree thing on the end of the pump) also has issues. To troubleshoot the tach inop remove the cable from the top of the 90 degree adapter on the pump and start the engine, look to make sure its turning inside if not replace it the gears are stripped, if thats good re attatch it and remove the cable from the rear of the tach there is a plastic tip on the cable that may be spun off, while your there make sure the tach spins freely they go bad and strip the cable ends. On the Dynatard engine brake they have only one stage and if its coughing and sputtering it probably needs a rebuild of the cylinders and the valves adjusted its not that big a deal, PAI offers a rebuild kit for the Dynatard on an E9 p/n EKT-1170,I cant remember what it costs but it wasnt bad and can be found thru any PAI distributor like Fleetpride. When you get the overhead run make sure the pressed in guide studs under the saddles arent loose if so pull them out and replace them using a good lock tite bonding product and let em dry before you put the valve covers back on. Good luck with the E9 they are awesome engines when theyre right, youll love it making fun of those Petes on hills.

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