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"E" model windshield regulator parts

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I'm well known for being stubborn and after saying that I will tell you what I'm up to!

I have tried to get windshield regulators for my "ED" repaired twice.

I've sent them to two different places in Kansas.

They charge enough for this service but then again where else is there to go--windshield regulators aren't that common anymore!

They try their best to find the best used gears to repair the regulators with but we're talking about 70 year old pot metal!!

They don't last very long if you use the A/C!

And how good were they to start with anyway?

I'm in the process of having new gear sets made for these regulators out of 1144 alloy steel.

The blanks are made and I am getting ready to take them to another machine shop that specializes in cutting gears to have the worm and worm wheel

gears cut into the shafts plus the splines for the handle after which they will be heat treated where the teeth are cut into the shafts.

If all goes well and I don't run into any problems they should be done hopefully within the next four weeks.

I know what the blanks cost (am not telling), I don't know what the rest of the work will cost yet.

But these things should last pretty much forever.

I'm not sure if they are the same pieces that were used in the early "L" model windshield regulators but knowing the Mack Co. they probably are.

Anyway when I get them all done and figure out what I have tied up in them, I will determine a price for a set (the two shafts).

If you have a regulator with stripped gears, providing the stainless tape or the housing is not broken, I will make them available for sale

to anyone interested in getting their O.E.M. A/C working in these trucks again!

I will post pictures of the project!


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