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89 rd690s e6-300l


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post-14702-0-83946600-1374288238_thumb.jbroke fitting off manifold that goes to reversing relay. did not have fitting so i took reversing relay off and connected air line together because puff limiter is unhooked too. Can i get away without needing reversing relay?
WIth puff limiter unhooked i thought it would have alot of black smoke all the time but only does when you really lug the truck. Boost gauge reads 22-28lbs most time. I dont think truck has all the power. we have replaced air to air radiator and hose to turbo and manifold, fuel filter, brand new reman turbo from D&W, new radiator, new compressor, new air dryer, new rebuilt transmission. next step is a new injector pump. Some repalced one injector line but it still leaks and cant tighten it anymore. Also read on here that injector pump rail can be moved. tried taking cover off but must be we need a special socket to take tamper proof bolt out. any ideas in how to get it out and any other ideas to get more power possibly? should i put new injectors in to when i do pump?



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