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2007 CH 613 engine electrical problems


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New to the forum and desperate! Friend's 2007 has been at dealer for several weeks and they admit it runs even worse now!

Truck bought off lease and now used on farm hauling grain and fertilizer, has about 126K miles on it with no problems until we went to start it one morning after being parked 5 days. Several dash lights were on. Flasher indicator lights on constant, trailer disconnect, mirrors heating, electrical problem(lightning bolt) and several other dash lights. Truck started and idled fine.

Took off with about half load of fertilizer and truck seemed to have good power but rpm limited to about 1300 at which time engine fluttered until you backed off throttle slightly. Exhaust brake didn't work.

Unhooked tender at shop after 10 miles of slow hauling and drove 20 miles to dealer. Same symptoms all the way.

Dealer said dash had to be replaced. We were skeptical but they did it. They said lights went out but no change in performance. They then got a tech from another location to bring equipment and harness to try with no success. Then they tried a computer out of another truck with no success.

They admit it is running even worse now whatever that might mean. I thought truck was just in a "limp" mode.

I assume they checked grounds, etc.

Any hep would be appreciated their 2001 Mack is now also acting up and dealer doesn't want to see it. It cut off 10 times in 10 miles. Relying on good old 93 Mack for everything now with corn harvest coming soon.

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Its really hard to diagnose stuff like this without having a computer hooked up to see whats going on first hand. I would make sure all connections are ok, from batteries to cab power and grounds. I'd also make sure the charging system and batteries are ok. Short of knowing faults its kinda hard to diagnose problems like this, or actually being there to see it happen/fault.

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