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HELP! Fuel injection pump


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What do they reckon is wrong with the fuel pump? There are plenty of things to check before you go replacing a fuel pump. When did it start losing power? Is it a recent thing or has it happened gradually? Is the timing right? Are the filters new and are the lines in good condition? Has it got a boost leak? Is the stopper lever returning fully? Are there any fuel leaks? Are your tank breathers blocked? Do you know any history on the engine? Is your throttle pedal getting full travel? Is the puff limiter hooked up and is the reverse relay valve playing up and restricting rack travel in the pump? Most of these are pretty basic things to check but you would want to do them before you go spending the dollars on another pump that you may or may not know the condition of. If you do go down the path of looking for another pump then there is a plate riveted to the side of the pump with the details on it. Good luck with it and let us know how you go.

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Hey guys i have a mack r model dump thats been loosin power they say its the fuel injector pump. The motor is a e6 300 4 valve. Now my problem is ive been having difficulties finding one. Does anyone know what type of injection pump i should use. Thanks

did you check to see if it was a robert bosh set up? Mine is a fresh rebuild from D&W and is a Robert Bosh.It was a 350HP set up and would more power.

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