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613 Vision engine service light on

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We recently ourchased a 2004 613 Vision with a 427 engine. After running the truck a week a ornage "lightning bolt" light came on. Not having a manual for the truck we called Mack in Indy & asked the service manager what the warning light was for & he said it as the "Engine Service Light" We took the truck to our local mechanic & he put a computer on it and the code came back saying it was the "EGR" valve. According to the mechanic our truck doesn't have a "EGR" valve. The company the guy works for runs three Mack trucks so he does have some experience working on them. Can anyone help us out on what's going on? I'm not sure what the code # was but will try to find out tomorrow.

Also, is the air seat suspension replaceable or do I need to replace the whole seat assembly? The bushings on the drivers seat are worn allowing the seat to rock side to side.



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Since its a 2004 CH or CX 613 I would think the engine is an Aset AC which would have an EGR valve. If its an AC engine you will have a large turbo and just behind it on the exhaust manifold you would see the EGR valve and below the turbo would be the EGR cooler. The Aset AC looks very busy with everything hanging off of it. Take a look and see if you see the EGR valve. It sounds like a generic code reading so it would be hard to say what the problem is.

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