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Trans Oil Change Question


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How often should I change my trans and rear axle oils??? I'll do about 15,000 miles a year. The book says about 500 hours (dump/local work....thats what i'll be doing with an occasional trip out of state. I have Eaton axles and trans and require synthetic oil. That stuff is like liquid gold $$$$$$. The 50w synthetic bucket says its 100,000 mile oil. I don't want to change oil too often if its not needed.

Thanks in advance

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I usually just do it once a year, unless its really dirty(metal finlings, changes colors, etc). I would compare it to rotating tires or changing coolant(who does that?). You know if it needs to be done or not. I would by no means go over two years without changing oils in those. I dont care how much the oils cost, just figure how much a rear end or tranny costs vs a couple hundred dollars in oil. Get an oil analisyst done will tell wether the oil has deteriorated....

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