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New To Mack Trucks


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Hi All,

I'm new to the world of Macks and big trucks in general. A long time ago I worked as a mechanic's helper for a drilling company, so I'm familiar with medium duty trucks (f700's) and a handful of heavy duty trucks (Petes, Autocars, Ford L-9000s). Everything I had to drive down the road was under 26k, so no CDL. I drove everything else around the yard or out in the field. All our drill rigs were Detroit powered with the trucks under them mostly Ford powered.

I've always been interested in big trucks, and after seeing the b-61 on Trick My Truck, I started looking into a B series to call my own. Found one I liked, but it was sold already. No real rush on getting one, I'll just sit back and learn as much as possible before I jump in.

Currently I drive Land Rovers (I'm part of a drinking club with a Rover problem), and am always on the look out for a mid 70's Rolls Royce for a daily driver. Yes, I'm nuts. I'd also like to get a Lister-Petter or small yanmar diesel to run a WVO/SVO generator. I figure the Mack could help me haul the half ton genset around :)

Look forward to learning from you guys.



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