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Rollaway & Height sticker question

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Wow! Where to start!? First most trucks have an operators manual in the truck! If not it is contingent upon the driver to be familiar with the tranny, parking system etc of his vehicle! I've never driven an automatic class 8 vehicle,but WHO would exit a running truck with the thing not in neutral or park! I assume full automatic big trucks have park or neutral position on the shifter or selector. When I say full automatic obviously I'm not referring to the semi auto ten speed rr with a computerized clutch which enable the big carriers to hire the least experienced operators that their insurance carriers will let them put behind the wheel! Sorry folks you KNEW I was gonna go there!  As a former parking lot hockey,carlotpilot,ya listening? The second thing you learn,after parking 8to12 units 3" apart is know your height, watch your height, sweat your height! You guys that drive a packer, do the refuse companies have a height stick that you can check your truck for 13' 6"? Never thought about it before, but two identical trucks could be several inches different in height! This is a very Gray area but the statutory height limit nationwide is 13' 6" the only exception I'm aware of is New York state where the bridges are marked a foot low (except those into NYC) I've never gotten over the "pucker factor" of approaching a NY bridge marked 12'9" when I'm 13'6"!😁 As several of you have correctly noted the driver has the FINAL  responsibility for safely operating his truck! Having said that the company should send a new hire out for at least a day with an experienced operator! Don't the CDL training schools tell these people (if it isn't obvious)  that the vehicles they will be driving are higher than the Honda civic they were driving? I just realized Mack.007  Is from Bayonne! If there is anywhere in America where you should be aware of potential low bridges it's Bayonne!

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