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Nothin but trouble!


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I found this place while searching for help on new Mack trucks and figured I would give it a try. I work in the oilfield and because of the recent boom we have grown way fast and bought 5 brand new mack trucks to add to our fleet.

Right now every new truck but one has problems with this new regeneration nonsense. And it's continuous!

1 truck we cannot get it to regenerate. The turbo won't kick in the blue button doesn't do anything when pushed and it has high oil temp. In the past we have changed out fuel filters on this truck multiple times to get it to run right but for only a few weeks. We just got it back from Mack shop 4 days ago and now we have the same problem again! Any suggestions out there?

1 truck is in the Mack shop right now because it wont regenerate.

1 truck we got back from Mack 2 weeks ago because it kept shutting itself off. Now it shows high oil temp and the turbo kicks in and out.

1 Truck shows no oil pressure, the turbo kicks in and out and wont regenerate.

What the heck is the deal!! We are a small company and the cost to maintain and repair these new trucks are just freaking killing us! Meanwhile the old CH models are runnin like champs! We are new to all this new stuff and our mechanics are just at a loss of what to do. We figured buying these things would give us less downtime but boy we were wrong.

Any suggestions about what we should do repair wise?

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