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Just wanted to drop you fellas a line as to my current medical status. Was at the docs today and he went over my scans. The chemo seems to be working rumors are shrinking yay!!! Still can't eat much without getting sick but he gave me a script for stuff that will help with that. Was hoping to muster enough energy for a trip to macungie but still don't think that's gonna happen. I'm only a couple hours away but I think it will be too much. Your thoughts and prayers the last couple months make me feel good knowing that I have friends that I have never met that care. That's rare in this world. Thank you all so much. However should things not work out so well I told my wife to spread my ashes at gerharts lol. But from what the doc said we will be there in person and I hope to meet some of you there. Thanks again for your encouragement. Mike

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