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Fuel In Oil And In antifreeze

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I have Fuel In My AntiFreeze And In My Oil ,antifreeze looks life a wisky color, oil level goes up and oil seemes thinner no oder of fuel droped pan presurized the fuel line cant see any oil driping down anywere puled the caps of the top of the injectors cant see any fuel comming out the top semes to hold the pressure so what nect head Gasket prisurize antifreeze posible cracked head Its a 454 1997

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No fuel Heater Wheni removed The Cap on top of The Injetors there is oil covering the the top of the injector on all but two of the injectors very little oil on two rear injectors if that means anything Not shure

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Usually you can see if there is fuel coming up the injector it will be sitting on top or comong out the injection line threads..the only place I can think of that this can happen excluding a crack in the block some where is the injector sleaves in the head! With such an odd problem that your having I would be inclinded to try some of stop leak products NOT BARRS but say dyke or Alumaseal the Barrs tends to plugg everything radd heatercore ect the other products are less agressive I have good luck with Alumiseal.When Desperate!

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