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E9 Flywheel bore


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Does the E9 have different flywhheel bores? 10" or 8.5"? Im tryn to find a high torque clutch. I have an Eaton 2050tq, but i its for a 10" bore and mine is 8.5". The 2250tq Lipe is also 10" bore. Can I bore my flywheel to 10"? bobo

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I havent had to bore an E9 flywheel, but ive done a few old 855 Cummins'. Whats the highest rating clutch you can get with an 8/1/2" spigot? How much torque are you running? is it a 610hp? I would try to avoid it personally, but if you can do it too any other flywheel, why cant you do it to an E9?? Ill ring a bloke tomorrow who is dragging road trains with a 610 and I will post what I find out.


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