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Opportunity to provide consulting & training for repair of Mack trucks (international)

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Hello All,

I’d joined this forum few days ago due to a (steering wheel) problem with an (`97) RD dump I own. I have three other RDs (a 91, 98, and 99, not currently operating though) and planning to buy more. I am typically not a truck guy. I own a biotech and knowledge transfer company that operated for a very short period in Canada (cellsenvsystems.com; bipog.com). I took a break having moved to the US few years ago but the company is currently incorporated in Texas. Though will be ``jump-starting`` the company before end of the year by investing in the currently booming construction industry in West Africa (specifically Nigeria). There are several huge projects going on there (e.g. ekoatlantic, lekki free trade zone and airport, Lagos metroline, etc. Please google any of these). However, if you are involved in haulage in that part of the world there are several hitches. One of these is that mechanics there are stuck with older models of Mack with manual transmission (often R models). Not the electric types. Typically Mack and other models exported from the US or Europe will only last for few years on the road (maybe?) because most of the trucks are owned by individuals or small companies that do not have access to highly trained mechanics and the required technology. Mack (USA) only work with one dealer over there (lanreshittu.com) that do not really care about small guys with one or two trucks or older models of Macks. In the last two months, all the earning from the 97 RD (exported in Q3 of 20010) has been expended on repairs and not out of the hole yet. The success of the business will rely on having knowledgeable mechanics available. So I am looking out for an individual or a company over here that could help provide training and consulting to pass some knowledge on to folks over there. I am really not sure at this point how this will work out since it is something that I started thinking about only recently. The potential impact could be huge. For example, it almost took several hours to replace few tires of the RD recently because this was done manually. Here, the same thing took minutes prior to exporting the truck. Now I am looking into purchasing tire changing/vulcanizing equipments that will be providing services in trucks park/garages over there.

So if you are an individual or company that is willing to work with me. I could be reached at alambo@cellsenvsystems.com (or adeoflagos@hotmail.com). You can also respond through this forum. Individuals will need to show proof of experience or expertise. It will also be good if you have been involved any type of formal training for Macks.

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